Titles :
Breakin' out / Money, Pride & Greed / Eatin' crow / The real deal / Burn them bridges down / The fire / Leadfoot' / My bags are packed / Above the law / Lies / Sweet sustain /

Musicians :
Ronnie Farrell : guitar, vocals
Gary Jeffries : guitar, vocals
Johnny Barnes : guitar
Johnny Travers : guitar
Randy Smith : guitar, bass
Chris Turbis : keyboards
Chuck Radek : drums

With an album dedicated to their lost brother Jimi Hughes, The Regulators is back with a not so new album and their heavy southern rock music. In fact, this album has been re-mixed, re-mastered, and released for the european market on the german label, Record Heaven. The song "Maple leaf rag" has been replaced by "Leadfoot" (written by Randy Smith, Johnny Barnes, and Ronnie Farrell), the title's album has also been changed to "Above the law".
Philippe Archambeau

Titles :
Breakin' Out / Money, Pride & Greed / Eatin' Crow / The Real Deal / Burn Them Bridges / The Fire / Maple Leaf Rag / My Bags Are Packed / Above The Law / Lies / Sweet Sustain

Musicians :
Ronnie Farrell : lead Vocals, rhythm guitars
Gary Jeffries : Vocals, rhythm guitars
Johnny Barnes : guitars
Randy Smith : bass, backing Vocals
Chris Turbis : piano, Hammond Organ, backing Vocals
Johnny Travers : guitars
Chuck Radek : drums, percussion

Almost unknown in France, this southern rock band should be al least known by all the southern rock fans. Musically between Blackfoot and Molly hatchet, the "Regulators" has been on the road for the last ten years. They already released an album in '92, with the leader and founding member Jimi hughes, who, in '93, will leave us to "join" Ronnie Van Zant, Leon Wilkeson, Duane Allman, Steve Gaines and too many other ones. It's not been very easy for his friends to keep the band going, and we had to wait 6 years to get a new album, "Bar & Grill". From the very first listening, is's clear the band, the spirit and the sound evolved.
Jimi Hughes 's absence changed many things. The band, at that time, has a sound close to Molly Hatchet. They now have an approach reminding some "Guns and Roses", or "Drivin n Cryin".
John Molet

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