Titles :
Childhood / Smells like rain / Spring street / Another chance / Sunday morning / Barnyard / No time / Eight days / 406 Wisnant St / Touch / Drop your rock & roll / Childhood

Musicians :
Rick Willis : electric guitar, acoustic guitar, Vocals
Mike Rogers : acoustic guitar, Vocals
Paul T. Riddle : drums, percussion
Steeve Keeler : electric piano, organ
Bobby Gaines : electric guitar, slide guitar, acoustic guitar solo (9)
Jerry Eyubanks : sax, flute
Tim Clement : bass
Chuck Leawell : grand piano (1,3,5,6,10)
Ronald Radford : acoustic guitar solo (6)
Randy Kohrs : dobro (6)
Aubrey Hainey : fiddle (6)
Ian Brachchitta : Upright Bass (3)

Even if we've been waiting this album for quite a long time, we could get a live recording where most of these songs were played and so we could discover the talent of this super band with two ex membres of the Marshall Tucker Band (Jerry Eubanks and Paul T.Riddle). These two great musicians have been part of the southern music history for so many years, but I can't say their music is southern music on this album. It's quite difficult to even classify their music. But for sure, this is great music played by great musicians, where you'll find subtle arrangements, a great and swinging rhythmic section, great vocals, keyboard parts played like they always should be and great guitars parts ("Smells like rain", "Barnyard", "No time", "Drop your rock'n roll") by the two complementary guitar players, Rick Willis and Bobby Gaines. Hats off and keep up the good work !
Dominique Turgot

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