Titles :
Lo Mas dulce / Siendo lo que soy / Mi amor / Duendes / Deja de pensar / Quieres saber

Musicians :
Mero Morato : vocals
Oriol Ragull : guitar
Alex Vivero : guitar
Ramon Montardit : bass
Nestor Busquets : drums

It's not that easy to find bands playing the music we love in Europe, except in Germany and in France. So, we were really surprised to find this band in Spain. Their self-recording is kind of "old" as it's been done in 2000 but it allows to discover what I call "a fucking great rock band". Their music is mainly influenced by the Black Crowes with the addition of some Rolling Stones stuff and sometimes they play dual guitar as would do the Allman Brothers. Let's note the simple but really efficient arrangements, the great complementary work of the two guitar players, the addition of a female vocal on the song "Deja de pensar". A great musical moment ! I wish we would have needed much less time to find out this great band and I wish them the best of luck ! Nice job gentlemen !
Dominique Turgot

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