Titles :
Workin' for MCA / I Ain't The One / Sweet Home Alabama / Crossroads / Free Bird / T For Texas

Musicians :
Riccardo Maccabruni : piano, keyboards, background vocals
Fabrizio Giusto : bass, background vocals
Matteo Pisati : lead and rhythm guitar
Luca Crippa> : lead,rhythm and slide guitar
Giuseppe DeFilippis : vocals
Giuseppe Fugazza : lead,rhythm and slide guitar
Pieraldo Scuzzarello : drums
Boris Denti Tarzia : drums

Here comes a six songs CD from Southern Confort, italian southern rock band with three guitar players fronting and a powerful voice.
All songs recorded in Pavie (March '99, except "T for Texas") are Lynyrd Skynyrd's covers.
The album starts with "Workin' for MCA", followed by "I Ain't The One", "Sweet Home Alabama", "Crossroads", "Free Bird", and "T For Texas". A new album is due to come out next autumn.
Philippe Archambeau

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