Trouble's Comin' Live !

1 Train Of Sorrow / 2 Bloody Reunion / 3 Bounty Hunter / 4 Wishing Hell / 5 Ghost Of You / 6 I Know A Little /
7 Stars-Run And Hide / 8 Tough Situation / 9 Whiskey Man / 10 Rock And Roll Dreams / 11 Mother / 12 Mississipi Queen /
13 Beatin' The Odds / 14 Train Train / 15 The Hill /

1 Morning Dew / 2 Tribute To Shorty / Railroad Man / 3 Call Me The Breeze / 4 Trouble's Comin' / 5 Gator Country / 6 Stump Jumpin'
7 White Dove / 8 Dreams I'll Never ee / 9 Flirtin' With Disaster / 10 Highway Song / 11 Rock And Roll All Nite /

Musicians :
Jackson Spires, Drums / Charles Hart, Bass / Jimmy Farrar, Lead Vocals / Jay Johnson, Lead Vocals, Guitar / Scott Mabrey, Guitar.

We must say that most of Southern Rock groups are even better live than on studio recordings, and that fact is absolutely true with the Southern Rock All Stars. The two studio cds (Crazy Again and Danger Road) gave us a not so good feeling, they looked like they were not totally finished, but we have to admit that this Hard Boogie Blues Band position is not easy. They come from great bands like Blackfoot, Molly Hatchet or Lynyrd Skynyrd (Jakson Spires, Dave Hlubek, Mike Estes) and we are obliged to compare them. That also why we can find so many covers from such bands on this double album, and we can tell that the original versions were better or not, and that it seems we can hear some studio rerecordings there. However, it is nice to listen to such great Southern Rock songs, like Bloody Reunion, Bounty Hunter, Beatin' the Odds, Train Train, Highway Song, etc...
So, as we often have to do with live records, we have to turn the volume on and play it loud to enjoy this great moment ! Southern Rock Forever !
Philippe Archambeau

Titles :
Tough Situation / Hang On / Stump Jumpin' / Southbound / Rock & Roll Dreams / Too Far Gone / The Hill / Danger Road / Seein' My Friends / Messin' With My Living / Man On A Lonely Mountain / See You In Your Dreams / This Broken Heart / Someday We'll All Be Free

Musicians :
Jay Johnson : vocals, guitar
Dave Hlubek : guitar
Jakson Spires : drums
Charles Hart : bass
Mike Estes : guitar
Tom Crain : guitar
Dan Toler : guitar
Charlie Hargrett : guitar
and many more....

Since the first SRA's album "Crazy again" has been released, die-hard southern rock fans were waiting the next SRA's album, as their first release was not exactly what they were expecting. With great people such as Dave Lhubek (ex Molly Hatchet), Jakson spires (ex Blackfoot), Jay Jonhson (ex Rossington Band), and Charles Hart, fans thought their music would be closer to "traditional" southern rock music. But don't get me wrong, "Crazy again" was not a bad album !!! It was pretty far from what people was expecting.
So, would SRA go back to southern rock roots for their second album, "Danger Road", which has just been released ? Blackfoot and Molly Hatchet fans won't find their prefered music while listening to this new release. Don't get me wrong again, this album is not a bad one, but the music played here is not close to the band's music from where these people are coming from ! even, with great guests such as Tom Crain, Charlie Hargrett, Dan Toler or Mike Estes. Everyone will "judge" this album regarding his criterias. To me, SRA is playing music based on southern rock with different influences (may be because southern rock music is not that popular music or not that esay to sale...). The album starts with "Touch situation", a tilte sounding a bit like "Thin Lizzy", with southern rock guitar solos.
Then, you have "Hang on", close to Blackfoot's style ("Vertical Smiles" 's era).Titles such as "Stump jumpin", "Southbound" (a "Thin Lizzy" cover) and "Seein My Friend" let me hope they'll come back to a more "traditional southern rock" music. Don't forget this is just my opinion, and everyone should listen to this new album.
John Molet

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