Titles :
Fallait que j'te dise / C'est pas facile / Oł tu cours ? / Etre meilleur / Se faire la belle / Ma rape, ma guitare / J't'attendais pas / Tellement fragile / Solide comme un rock / Bikers (Les motards) / Fiora

Musicians :
Christophe Marquilly : vocals, guitar
Arnaud Delbarre : bass
Bobby Luccini : drums

When Christophe Marquilly and his buddies decided, last year, to be back on the road, all the french fans dreamed of an new album. And this dream quickly turned into a reality. Yes, Stocks is back on the road, for the joy of the fans from this band which really changed the rock'n roll scene in France. They had their successful period between '82 and '84. Almost twenty years later, Stocks is still a reference in french rock'n roll. I sincerely believe fans won't get disappointed with this new album. It starts with "Bikers", a tribute to the Harley Davidson riders, who enjoyed the Stocks performance at Free Wheels, last summer. Songs such as "C'est pas facile" and "J't'attendais pas" are really Stocks classic songs. As Christophe Marquilly recently said, this album is a new turning point for the band. We really believe this turning point will be well negotiated.
There's also a good point in this new recording, the lyrics approach, they've been worked a lot. Sincerity and honesty are the real words for these lyrics, listen to " Se faire la belle" and "Fiora" and you know what I mean.
As Christophe would say "if you don't wannna have regrets, give everything you can".
Thanks a lot Stocks for being again on the road.
Keep on rockin' Chris !!
John Molet

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