SX3 MUSIC - STN - 3196
Titles :
Here Before / Show Me / Cool Running / Home / Something Goin' On / Baby, What You Want Me To Do ( Peepin' and Hidin' ) / I'm Still Breathin' / Across The Mojave / If I Should Fall / Never Again

Musicians :
Brad Wilson : vocals, guitar
J.J.Garcia : bass
Brian James : drums

When the RTJ's boss asked me to learn and review this album, I didn't really know what to expect. Of course, I knew the "Stones", haha, as everyone… but "Stone" ??? I wondered what to expect from this band. You can be a music die-hard fan, but there's still unknown bands to discover. I have to confess, this was a mistake for me not to know them.
They are a great band, who cleverly mix classic rock, blues and a bit of country music. Great production, great musicians, great album (their first release already was a nice album, "Somewheee in LA"). They opened for great artists such as 38 Special, Derek Trucks, Cheap Trick, among others…. They even record songs for the movie "Ghosts of Mars". If you like rock'n roll, blues music ("( Baby What you want me to do", "I just want to make love to you" , "Further on the road"), do not hesitate, you have to discover this band.
John Molet

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