Titles :
Mountainside / Candy for fools / Down side of wonder / Castles and homes / All I could do / Up to you / Three times denied / Evergreen / Another day gone / First time / Even made love to be

Musicians :
Hans Eberbach : vocals
Jason Fluhrer : bass
Nate Dale : guitar
Gary Frank Skaggs : keyboards
Steve King : drums

Here is an interesting band to discover, which found the sound alchemy between the modern Black Crowes and the late Allman Brothers, all this added with a flavor of soul rhythmns ala Sam Cooke, Otis Redding or Arthur Conley. The real beauty of Sweet Vine is their lead vocalist, Hans Eberbach. With him, you know what "to sing" means. Listen to the songs "Downside of wonder", "All I could do" (with a beautiful Hammond organ) and you know what I mean.
Jacques Dersigny

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