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Sometimes / If it ain't love / Be careful with a fool / Love will / Help / Whole lotta soul / Good good lovin' / Raised in the country / Mammer jammer / Midnight to daylight / Cold Funk

Musicians :

Jimmy Hall : vocals, harmonica, saxo
Tommy Castro : vocals, guitar
Lloyd Jones : vocals, guitar
Reese Wynans : keyboards
Tommy Shannon : bass
Chris Layton : drums

Jimmy Hall is back, and it's a real pleasure to have some news of the Wet Willie's frontman with all this nice people around him. Let's see, Tommy Castro and Lloyd Jones on guitars, with the ex Stevie Ray Vaughan rhythm section (Tommy Shannon on bass, Chris Layton on drums). I'm always a bit sceptical when I got an album with what we generally call a supergroup, but I'm really surprised here, they've done such a good job. We got some real nice covers, "Good, Good Loviní" from James Brown, "Be careful with a fool" from Johnny Winter, and "Help" from the Beatles. This album won't certainly the greatest one from 2003 but at least we have something new from Jimmy Hall, which is to me one of the main reasons to buy this album.
Philippe Archambeau

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