That Little Ol' Man From Fallfors

Titles :

1 I Got The Message - 2 Layin' On Da Drum - 3 Chop Top Mercury' - 4 Adelie - 5 Telephone Man - 6 Downfall - 7 Breakfast Pie
8 Animation - 9 Git On - 10 Don't Think I Need It - 11 Payback Day - 12 I'll Get That Feelin' Back

So here we have a band that could hardly hide his main influences on this new album… As soon as the first song "I got the Message" begins, we easily understand that the musicians are ZZ Top die-hard fans. Coming from Skelleftea, at the north of Sweden, this group has ZZ Top sound (in the 80's-90's), but they do have their own way to compose songs. The main influence and the sound really come from the famous Texas beards, and some could easily make the mistake between these two bands. They way the guitar plays is really close to Billy Gibbons way of playing, and that's not too much easy ! Guitar players, Soren Faltskytt and Lars Kastberg, seem to be really comfortable to play that way, so do Kurt Soderstrom (vocals) and Roger Enquist (bass and vocals) who look like Billy and Dusty clones on songs like "Chop Top Mercury 49", "Adelie" or "Payback Day". If you don't enjoy too much "Mescalero", last ZZ Top album, maybe you can really appreciate this cd… this Swedish guys are really good !

John Molet

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