(Radioactive Records-RRCD006-release from LP in 70's)

Titles :
1 Thus Saith The Lord - 2 T-Town Teasers - 3 Crack In The Cosmic Egg - 4 Love Down By One Share (Love Song to a Whore)
5 I've Done Made Up My Mind - 6 Wicked Thruth - 7 Tryin to Forget You - 8 Take Me Away Jesus - 9 Somebody Help Me

If you are lucky you can find this cd in a record market or in an old musical shop, and you can buy it, because this is a very rare stuff. The LP was out in the seventies and only fifty records were sold, and now you can pay about four hundreds euros for such a LP ! So, we can thank the British record company that brings us back this cd. This power trio, with the two Totty brothers, coming from Tulsa (Oklahoma), brings us an electric hard-rock, looking sometimes like a southern rock band, especially on the instrumental song "Thus said the Lord". When it was issued, rock critics told that this band was somewhere between Led Zeppelin and Lynyrd Skynyrd (amazing, no ?) ; so maybe rock critics were exceptionally right ? However, if you can, don't hesitate to listen to this album. There won't be another one, because nobody heard about this band after this record.

Jacques Dersigny

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