and the roadside wrecks
Sophomore Slump (2002-TTT7348)
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Musiciens :
Paul Peterson, Lead Vocals, Percussion, Eric Roth, Guitar, Lou Sierakowski; Drums & Percussion, Darrin Hanson, Guitar, Keith Johnson, Bass, James "Buck" Berger, Electric Guitar

Titles :

1 Legacy - 2 Dawn Breaks - 3 Middle of Nowhere - 4 Turn Towards Tomorrow - 5 Shake Me Break Me
6 When The Wave Hits The Shore - 7 Cold Outside - 8 Spanish - 9 We Lied - 10 Still Be Your Fool - 11 Guy In A Bar

In the great jam bands family, here's a new one you sure gonna love, because its music brings us to a great musical experiment, with country rock sound, like the Doobie Brothers, Heartsfield, and a great southern rock inflence like in the Allman - Marshall Tucker. Tow Truck Tom (ok it's a weird name, they could have found better !) is a band born in 1998 in Rothsay (ok it is in the Minnesota) with two great guitar players. The band has made three cds, the last one called Rope-Wire-Chain in 2003 (ok we didn't received it at RTJ, maybe later ?), I'm gonna tell you about the second one -Sophomore Slump- with eleven great songs. It begins with Legacy, with an acoustic intro, and his Doobie Brothers Captain and me rythm, Then there is Dawn Breaks with guitar harmonies such as Allman Brothers ones, and When the Wave hits the Shore, with great slide guitar. Then there is Cold Outside in a Marshall Tucker Band way, great latino-southern rock melting pot -as Dickey Betts enjoy- on Spanish Fly, and the great southern songs We Lied and Still be your Fool at the end of this high quality level cd. However, it is really hard to get these records ! Just have a look on their website.
Jacques Dersigny

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