Live & Kickin' (2004 Sony BMG)

Titles :
1 Put Some Drive In Your Country / 2 Time To Get Crazy / 3 I'm Gonna Be Somebody / 4 Where Corn Don't Grow /
5 Old Habits / 6 Can't Tell Me Nothin' / 7 Livin' On Borrowed Time / 8 Anymore / 9 Country Ain't Country / 10 Long Haired Country Boy /
11 Love Of A Woman / 12 Here 's A Quarter (call someone who cares) / 13 Ten Feet Tall And Bullet Proof / 14 Country Club /
15 Strong Enough To Be Your Man / 16 It's A Great Day To Be Alive / 17 T-r-o-u-b--e / 18 Modern Day Bonnie And Clyde /
19 Homesick /

We were waiting this live testimony from this New Country rebel, recorded in a 2002 show. Now we have the opportunity to see and listen to one of the top Country Rock Showman. At the beginning, and it's the same for a long time now, Travis plays this so characteristic song "Put some Drive in your Country", where mister Tritt enjoys to show us that his music is somewhere between Blues-Country and Southern Rock. We just can regret that there are too many acoustic songs even if there are great moments there, and we should have preferred some Blues-Rock n'Roll songs, where Travis is so good and has not too much concurrence. We just can notice a special Charlie Daniels hello with "Long Haired Country Boy", and to the Atlanta Rhythm Section with "Homesick". That's why this dvd is a must that every good New Country Music should have !

Philippe Archambeau


Titles :
You can't count me out yet / Can't tell me nothin' / Strong enough to be your man / Country ain't country / If you're gonna straighten up (brother now's the time) / Doesn't anyone hurt anymore / You really Wouldn't want me that Way / I don't ever Want her to feel that Way again / Time to get crazy / Now I've seen it all / God must be a Woman rust / I can't seem to get over you

Musicians :
Eddie Bayers : percussion
Mike Brignardello : bass
Lisa Cochran : vocals background
John Cowan : vocals background
Melodie Crittenden : vocals background
Eric Darken : percussion
Dan Dugmore : steel guitar
Aubrey Haynie : fiddle
Wes Hightower : vocals background
John Jarvis : keyboards, piano
Brent Mason : electric guitar
Mac McAnally : acoustic guitar
Greg Morrow : Drums
Marty Stuart : electric guitar
Neil Thrasher : vocals background
Travis Tritt : vocals, vocals background
Billy Joe Walker, Jr. : electric guitar
Glenn Worf : bass
Curtis Young : vocals background
Andrea Zonn : vocals background

The new release from the "country music bad boy" is a bit in the continuity of his last album "down the road go", the atmospheres of the accoustic guitars are always there, even if sometimes rock'n roll gets back ("Time To Get Crazy"). Don't forgrt that if Mr.Travis gives us wonderful and emotional ballads, the "outlaw-biker" is first of all a rocker, a sweet heart rocker, but a rocker. As he often reminds us his music is a mix of blues, country and southern rock music ; isn't he a great friend of Gary Rossington and the guys in the Lynyrd Skynyrd band. With this 10th release, Travis Tritt proves us, if needed, he's one of the main acts in the "new country music" industry, just as Brooks & Dunn, Alan Jackson, Montgomery & Gentry, Garth Brooks among others.
Just a little bit of regret, I'ld have like more of this aggressive guitar sound, songs such as "You can't count me out yet" ou "Can't tell me nothin" would certainly get an other dimension. But anyway, if Travis wants his songs this way, we're not gonna tell him this and that, it could be dangerous, ha ha ha....
John Molet

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