Wonder of Spirit

Titles :

1 I Wanna Tell You Something - 2 Surrender - 3 Sweet Sugar Honey - 4 Burning Love - 5 Premonition - 6 So Long
7 The Key To The Clock - 8 TV Channel - 9 The Last Boss - 10 Congratulation - 11 I Need You So

Musicians : Chico, Lead Vocals, Christian Pribilski, Lead Guitars, Pascal Alex, Guitar, Michel Graizely, Drums, Nicolas Pourret, Keyboard, Jean-Pierre Grandgirard, Bass

It is quite ten years that this band coming from the east of France is still alive, with good rock n' roll stuff. It's been a long time now that in 1995 they gave us their first album "Leave me Alone", in a real southern way. Then they created two indispensable heavy albums, "Hurricane's Road" and "Cross Road", and now, at the end of this year, here is "Wonder of Spirit". There are eleven songs in a Copperhead, Sister Whiskey, Boyzz and Molly Hatchet way, and a Rolling Stones attitude on "I Wanna Tell You Something". "Flashy Premonition" looks like "Jumpin' Jack Flash", "Surrender" is great and "So Long" is really moving. This last song is real good, a song like few bands can have, looking like Molly Hatchet "Edge of Sundown". We can also note the excellent "The Key to the Clock", in a Thin Lizzy way, and at the end of the album, as a great musical explosion, "Congratulations" and "I Need You So", where we can see that Truckers is a real good band. This is a great album that you have to get as soon as its issue in January 2005.

Jacques Dersigny

Titles :
Easy Life / Who ? / Time is Money. / Wired all Night. / I believe in silence / Master of lace / Enjoy The stage / Someone to love / Map of time / Strange combination of the blues / Rock N' Roll Killer

Musicians :

Pascal Leroux (Chico) : lead vocal
Christian Pribilski (Prib) : lead guitar
Marc Halter : guitar, vocals
Michel Graizely (Michon) : drums
Jean Pierre Grand-Girard (JP) : bass

Recently, we were talking about the future of southern rock music, and by the way, of the future of the french bands playing that kind of music. I don't know if it's because of the Jack Daniels we were drinking, but it seems to us the future was getting dark. I must admin there are not so many bands playing this music.
Well, there are still some really good bands and Truckers is one of these ones. It's been almost 15 years they are on the road playing rock'n roll. The band has evolved since its first day, songs such as "Easy life" has its roots deep in the south.
The great ballad "I believe in silence" shows us the sensibility of the band, an aspect they didn't show in the two other releases. But don't get me wrong, Truckers is still Truckers !!As they describe their music, it's 1/4% of southern rock ("Easy life"), 1/4% of rythmn 'n blues ("Time is money"), 1/4% of rock'n roll ("Who") and 1/4% of blues ("Someone to love").
So, let's wish to Chico, Prib, JP, Michel and Marc, all the success they desserve.
John Molet

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