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Titles :
Mutants / Android / Battery / Ten years since / Lamp black, White fight / Windjammer / Diggin' deep / Circe / Seasons pass / City on ice / The desert / Souled there with care / Man on the street / Get away / Compass / Hot-N-Cold /

Musicians :
Galen Miles : guitar
Larry Mc Guffin : guitar
Don Evans : vocalq
Tom Schleuningn : drums
Scott Stephens : bass

Wooaah !!! I tell you what, die-hards southern rock fans, lovers of Point Blank, you're gonna love this re-release from Monster Records, of the one and only one (well, to my knowledge) album from this band. They started playing back in the early 70's with none other than Van Wilks, calling themselves "Homer". But it's with the name Ultra they went into the business. And almost 30 years, it's certainly not a question of talent if these guys didn't get the success they should have had. Just as Point Blank, they played rock'n roll with such energy and intensity. Everything was there, guitar riffs, dueling harmonies on guitars (the Wishbone Ash's spirit from the golden years was there).....the wild and pure rock'n roll. For sure, if you like hard southern rock music, you're gonna love this band. To me, thre's not a better song in this album, all the titles are great, played at an exceptional level, with such a great spirit. If you can find this little treasure, get it, this is so fantastic.
John Molet

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