Titles :
Manson / Turn the tide / Swamp of grace / Hellbound / Rainy days / Keep on run / Screaming guitars / I don't need you / Don't thikn it's over / R'n'R (still alive and well)

Musicians :
Max Arrigo : guitar, lead vocals
Simone "slow" Ubezio : guitar
Fabrizio Ray Viora : guitar, slide guitar
Dario "Leon" Leonelli : bass
Fabrizio "Mr Muscle" Montanaro : drums
Giuliana Coluzzi : background vocals

Voodoo Lake ? Voodoo Lake ?... This name reminds me something but I can't remember..Humm??!! Ok, that's a Lynyrd Skynyrd 's song from their album "Twenty". So let's see what is is….One, two, three (The Ronnie Van Zant's voice) and the music 's rolling. We easily know why they chose that name, Lynyrd Skynyrd is one of the main influences of the band. It's a really good thing to see southern rock bands coming out from Europe, and Italy where the music is not generally influenced by southern music. Voodoo Lake's music 's really sincere, reproducing the 70's sound. Hats off friends.
John Molet

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