Titles :
Crazy 'bout my baby / Trouble in mind / Big legged woman / Don't come around here / The mississipi song / It's up to you / Three quarter moon / Half ain't been told / Special kind of mambo / Set me a drift / Hand in the pocket / Movin' down the road / One too many

Musicians :
Wayne Sauls : guitar, vocals
Steve Hawkins : drums, vocals, keyboards, percussion, bass, harmonica
Kirk Plunkett : bass
Paul Hornsby : Hammond B3
Spencer Kirkpatrick : guitar (6/12/13)
Jim Tanner : guitar (7)
Kenny Kreasy : bass (7)
Donnie Mc Cormack : drums (9)
Joe Rogers : keyboards (9)
David Cantonwine : bass (9)
Johnny Dalton : drums (9/10/11)

After being the lead guitar player for Eric Quincy Tate (the forgotten great band from Macon, GA) in the seventies, and playing guitar in the David Allan Coe Band, in the eighties, Wayne Sauls is back with a great, great, blues-rock album.
This album covers different styles of blues-rock music, from chicago style ("Big legged woman"), to texan style (" Don't come around here") reminding ZZTOP. One of the most beautiful songs on the album is for sure the great "It's up to you" with a construction reminding "Melissa" (Allman Brothers Band), with Steven Hawkins on vocals, sounding real close to Gregg Allman.
If you never heard about Eric Quincy Tate, you can discover what was this band on stage, with the song " Half ain't been told". Let's note Paul Hornsby on Hammond B-3 organ.
Dominique Turgot

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