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(Fuel 2000 Records - 302 061 432 2)

Titles :
1 Mind Over Matter - 2 She Caught The Katy - 3 Street Corner Serenade - 4 Easy Street - 5 Everything That 'Cha Do
6 Babyfat - 7 Countryside Of Life - 8 Leona - 9 When Something Is Wrong - 10 Grits Ain't Groceries - 11 Keep On Smiling
12 Shout Bamalama
Musicians : Ric Seymour, Guitar & Lead Vocals, John Anthony, Keyboards, T.K.Lively, Drums, Jack Hall. Jr, Bass, Donna 'D'Hall, Harmony Vocals

Wet Willie, soul men from Mobile (Alabama), are back with a good live album, recorded at the Tipitina's Club (New Orleans). This live album is not better than the two other ones Drippin' Wet (1973) and Left Coast Live (1977). From the original band only stays Jack Hall on bass guitar, and from time to time his brother Jimmy, one of the greatest southern singers. Current line-up is now the same for the last seven years and plays everywhere in the clubs, that's why this live recording is nice to listen to. Ric Seymour, on guitar and vocals, is like a perfect melting man, with wonderful horns and vocals from the great Donna Hall. Live recordings from the seventies are now sold-out, and this new record can give the opportunity to today's music fans to discover great soul music songs such as "Everything That Cha Do", "Grits ain't Groceries", "Keep on Smilin'", "Shout Bamalama". It is a nice musical come back from one of the greatest southern rock bands.
Jacques Dersigny


Titles :
Rainman / Make you feel love again / So blue / We got lovin' / Don't turn me away / Street corner serenade / One track mind / How 'bout you / Doin' all the right things / Let it shine

Musicians :
Jimmy Hall : vocals, harmonica, sax
Marshall Smith : guitar, vocals
Larry Berwald : guitar
Mike Duke : vocals, keyboards
Jack Hall : bass
Theophilus Lively : drums

It's always the same thing with Wet Willie. Can we classify them as a southern band. Being a part of the Capricorn label, and being from Mobile, Al should be enough to consider them as a southern band, while their music seems closer to Otis Redding's than Molly Hatchet's. By the way, Wet Willie, in the record stores are always classified as a southern band. "Manorisms" has been recorded back in '77 during the last years of the band, right in the disco era, which certainly add an influence on this album. This record allows the band to be known by a wider audience.
Philippe Archambeau

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