Southwest Stampede 2004

Musiciens :
Dennis Winters, Lead Vocal, Guitars, Jamie LaRitz, Lead Guitar, Slide, Rhythm, Dobro, Ron "Rad" Dunn, Bass, Eric DiNenna, Drums & Percussion

Titles :

1 Stampede - 2 Old Stories - 3 Ride, Ride, Ride - 4 Outlaws and The Lawman - 5 Outlaws Jam - 6 Devil After My Soul - 7 My Marie
8 Keep On Running - 9 Whiskey Creek Ditty - 10 A Gun Don't Mind - 11 Caution to the Wind - 12 Stampede Jam

In a musical way close to the Marshall Tucker band, Charlie Daniels and Grinderswitch, Winters Brothers are now famous in the seventies southern music rock bands, and this new cd we were waiting for some months ago can prove it. Behind Mister Dennis Winters (vocals and guitar), it is a great guitar and vocals harmonies we can enjoy here. Far away from up-to-date sound and habits, Winters Brothers can prove that there is still a place (smaller every day) for real and sincere music. When we listen to this cd "Southwest Stampede", even with two songs from the seventies, we just can say to yourself : isn't it the right time to go back thirty years ago, just to be able to hear and enjoy the older way of life. For me, it becomes more and more obvious every day. How about you ?
John Molet

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