Titles :
Tumblweed / Man In Your Band / Two Things / Hero's Almanac / Whoville / Tying Things Together / Ship In The Bottle / Snakehandler -> Adam & Eve rap ->Snakehandler / Geometry / Fingernail Moon / Rose Hill / Late Night Radio

Musicians :
Beth Wood : guitar, vocals
Matthew Mayes : banjo, guitar
Steve Trismen : violin, vocals
John Felty : guitar, vocals

Remove the rhythùic section (bass, drums) from the Jupiter Coyote Band, give them accoustic instruments, add to this trio the folk singer Beth Wood, and you'll have Wooden Coyote. This combo performed a few gigs before recording this one in front of the Handlebar's audience in Greenville, SC (except for "Rose Hill" which was recorded at the "Smiths Old Bar" in Atlanta, GA). It allows us to discover, or re-discover, with a compltely different ear the coyote's music, as these instrmuents adds folk, country and bluegrass aspects to the Jupiter Coyote's music. You'll find many classics from the Jupiter Coyote band, with new arrangements for the occasion, and one tune from Beth Wood's latest cd "Late night radio". If you like that kind of music, you'll surely enjoy listening to this album.
Dominique Turgot

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