Titles :
Mescalero / Two ways to play / Alley gator / Buck nekkid / Goin so good / Me so stupid / Piece / Punkass boyfriend / Stackin’ paper / What would you do / What is it kid / Que lastima / Tramp / Crunchy / Dusted / Liquor

Musicians :
Billy Gibbons : guitar, vocals
Dusty Hill : bass, vocals
Franck Beard : drums

When we got to know the name of this new album, "Mescalero", I was kinda filled of optimistic from the seventies, the great times of ZZ Top...Deguello, El Loco, Fandango, among others. So what about Mescalero ? I really believed it'ld be great 'till the day we got the promo and I installed it in the player. I must admit I've been really disappointed on the very first hearing of the album, no more "Top from the seventies", but some kind of the musical evolution the Top is following for so many years. From the very first beginnings of the song "Mescalero", you know what it's gonna sound like. The guitar sound is still so experimental with the adding of so many effects, which gives a music really far from what they played in their beginnings. Some songs such as "Buck Nekkid", "Me so stupid" or "Liquor", are there and still remains us ZZ Top can still write great songs. Let's hope that ZZ Top, on stage, won't have this experimental sound as they have in the studio.
John Molet


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Titles - Artists :
Gimme all your loving – Lonestar
Sharp dressed man – Brad Paisley
Jesus just left Chicago / Waitin' for the bus – Hank Williams Jr
La Grange – Tracy Bird
Rough boy – Brooks & Dunn
I’m bad, I’m nationwide – Dwight Yoakam
She loves my automobile – Willie Nelson
I need you tonight – Andy Griggs
Cheap sunglasses – The Warren Brothers
Legs – Trace Adkins
Tush – Kenny Chesney
Just got paid – Montgommery Gentry
I thank you – Phil Vassar
Fearless boogie – Hank Williams III
Sure got cold after the rain fall – Alan Jackson

After the bluegrass tribute to the Allman Brothers Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, among others, and the steel tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd, here comes an another tribute to the most famous Texan band, ZZ Top. And what a tribute as it's been realized by most of the most popular country artists. Some of them are pretty close it the original version of the song they cover, some other ones chose an other direction as did Willie Nelson with his swinging version of "She loves my automobile". You won't be surprised to find Hank Williams Jr, as he's been covering ZZ Top's songs during his performances for many years. Hats off to Brad Paisley for his great guitar work on his version of "Sharp dresses man". Sure this album has to be listened to !!!
Dominique Turgot

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