BLACK CROWES La Cigale, Paris 27th of June 2013

The Black Crowes didn't come in France since the Olympia in 2001 (except Canal + as guests). Once again,
we can ask about what the tour-organisers are doing as they come in Europe regularly. Thanks to Live Nation
to let them come back.
The crucial question asked by the fans got quickly an answer, soon the Black Crowes took all with this concert
of fire. A 2H05 show with an audiance like we love it , those who like the 70's Southern Rock and also a youth
that likes the good American Rock.

Ah La Cigale ! And this Allman Brothers gig in 1991, that remains us superb memories ... We found again this atmosphere yesterday. Just a drawback for Jacky Green the new second guitarist who, being good, isn't on the level of the former guitarists and overall hasn't really the Black Crowes sound.
Except this, the Black Crowes gave us the best with two tunes of the first album to begin (« Jealous Again »
et « Thick N’ Thin »), and then the top with a red-hot 17 minutes version of « Wiser Time », and we can notice an encore of fire with « Oh! Sweet Nuthin’ », the traditionnal « Hard to Handle » (an Otis Redding cover) and « Hush ». Such a madness that they came back for a second encore that was not planned in the initial set list for « Jumpin' Jack Flash ». We can notice that the band adds a lot of covers in its set-list at the time of some concerts,
but not always.
Let's hope that the Black Crowes won't wait 2025 to come back.

Set Liste :
01 Jealous Again
02 Thick N’ Thin
03 Hotel Illness
04 Black Moon Creeping
05 Peace Anyway
06 Medicated Goo (Traffic cover)
07 Ballad in Urgency
08 Wiser Time
09 She Talks To Urgency
10 Downtown Money Waster
11 Soul Singing
12 Remedy
13 Thorn in My Pride
Encore :
14 Oh! Sweet Nuthin’ (Velvet Underground cover)
15 Hard to Handle (OtisRedding cover)
16 Hush (Billy Joe Royal cover)
Encore 2 :
17 Jumpin’ Jack Flash (The Rolling Stones cover)

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