FESTIVAL LES NOTES VERTES Périgny (17), the 8th of June 2013

No I won’t begin each report saying, 8th of June, gig of Paul Personne at the Festival Les Notes Vertes, no I will begin thanking Yasmine and Pascal, the organisers, for having the good idea to organise a festival in Périgny, municipality adjoining La Rochelle, in the park of the town hall, where I had the opportunity to play when I was a kid many years ago. Shortly, I had a lot of memories in my mind as I went into the park this Friday 7th of June. So, this first evening offered a splendid trio, Samuel Numan from La Rochelle, le Tram des Balkans and Touré Kunda, the Senegalese band coming back to business. So this 8th of June, of course I was waiting impatiently the second evening including Bebey Prince Bissongo, Paul Personne and the salsa band Cumba Ya! First observation the rain almost spoils it all, but we dodge the drops, phew! Shortly it’s around 20 h 30 when Paul Personne takes the stage a few seconds after the band « à L’Ouest » that accompanies him on stage for three years and two CDs. Little guys from Paulo’s home in the Perche (a French region between Normandy and Maine, T.N.) whom we’d like to see solo, overall when we know that they love the southern rock and that they liked my superb Point Blank T-shirt.

With an almost 1 h 45 set, Paul Personne set the crowd on fire, the word isn’t to strong. We begin with the serious things from the sensual tune « Dancin’ » coming from the last CD Personne à l'ouest - Face B with à L’Ouest. We go on with the sixth tune, the very Southern « Loco Loco », then string together the pearls with « Cool Rat », and « Faut Que J’me Laisse Aller » from the 1985 album 24/24. That’s when Paul dumbfounded us with a version of « Sam’di Soir Sacré » that will be his best title this evening with a lot of « Allmanian » jam, a must but what more could I write after this moment ? Well again yes, again a great moment with « Le Bout d’la Route » coming from the last CD with à l’Ouest, very good with some jam, with guitars playing at the third. Well we go on with tunes like « J’ai Essayé », « Faire Semblant » from 1984, « Longue Absence », also…

Thanks to all the team of the Festival Les NotesVertes, hoping that I’ll find again a festival even more open in 2014. With Blackberry Smoke ? What a good thing it would be, ah ah we can have a dream like Paul Personne says in his song « J’ai Rêvé »… Nice thing to dream in 2013, isn’t it?
Philippe Archambeau (photos and text)
Translation Y. Philippot-Degand

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