TWO WOLF Rock Legends Cruise 18 February 2018

TWO WOLF is the best rock band I’ve seen in years!
The moment this band hit the stage, I realized it was for real!

The guitarist’s stage presence is undeniable, and so is his talent. Not using a pick, he has developed this beautiful blistering melodic style using his hands in ways I have never seen before. Seeing is believing is what I tell people when describing his brilliant guitar work. Brad Sayre is the most unique and talented guitarist I have ever seen…period!

The lead singer, Darren Rogers, walks to the front of the stage with a presence that just demands attention. Tall, lean and mean with a voice reminiscent of Paul Rogers of Bad Company. Through the show, he owns the stage with antics and power vocal gymnastics that you would expect from Steve Perry of Journey or Steve Walsh of Kansas!

The rhythm section is incredible…The legendary bass player, Greg T. Walker of the original Blackfoot, is Native American and dresses the part; working the stage, playing complex bass passages, all the while smiling and making contact with the audience and band mates…An incredible showman!

The drummer, Greg Thompson, is one of the best I’ve ever witnessed. I felt like I was watching John Bonham. Just an amazing player. The drummer and bassist play as one…extremely tight; as the guitarist and lead vocalist soar over the grooves. At times the group sounds like more than 4 players.

It was refreshing to hear amazing song writing with harmonies in a rock band again. And the players work the crowd like no other group I’ve seen.

TWO WOLF, if you can imagine it…a band like Van Halen, Bad Company with a touch of Blackfoot and southern metal. One thing is certain…this is a band to experience!

Barbara Simmons
Barbara Simmons Photography

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