Clearwater Florida - December 07, 2018

Review by Brandy May

Photographs by Michelle Gandhi

Southern Rock fans joined together on Friday night, December 7, 2018, to see two of the biggest bands that had a hand in creating the southern rock sound for over 40 years…The Outlaws and Atlanta Rhythm Section. Walking into Capitol Theatre, located in Clearwater, Florida, was like taking a trip down memory lane for southern rock fans who filled up all 725 seats in the sold out concert. The fans were ready for a show that they would never be able to forget between the two bands.


Atlanta Rhythm Section warned the crowd that they were in for a good time tonight with the guitar talent that both bands have and kicked off the show with their first song, Homesick. Once Steve Stone started to rock out on his guitar, the crowd jumped up out of their seats with cell phones in the air and bodies moving to the psychedelic beat. ARS warmed up the crowd with hits like, Champagne Jam, Spooky, Doraville, Boogie Smoogie, Large Time, however, the two biggest numbers of the night that pumped up the crowd was So Into You and Imaginary Lover which showed off the talent of everyone in ARS with the sultry story telling through their music.

Once The Outlaws hit the stage, the crowd was back up and out of their seats before even one note was played. Concert goers were ready to let their hair down as the band set the tone with the sound of a storm coming and blue lights flashing like lightning….Oh yes, there was definitely a storm brewing in the Capitol Theatre as we were struck by lightning with the four guitar players and the sound of thunder with two, yes two drum sets. Fans bared witness as to why this band is also known as The Guitar Army as they played like a southern rock posse throughout the night with hits like, Hurry Sundown, Freeborn Man, So Long and also introduced new songs such as Southern Rock will Never Die, from their upcoming album due out next year.

Between both bands, this was a show to remember! As The Outlaws new song boldly claimed Southern Rock lives on in our hearts and will never die!

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