MOLLY HATCHET in Bensheim, Germany (December 6, 2023)

Old loves never die! Although my musical tastes have evolved somewhat in recent years, I wanted to see Molly Hatchet
in concert again after more than 40 years - although in a different constellation, as the original members of
Molly Hatchet are no longer part of the group.

So I expected Bobby Ingram and his musicians to simply return to the band's classics and honor
the legacy of their predecessors.

And of course, there was no gettng around the classics, it was exactly what the public expected - and the public was not
lacking from the start! This was also due to the likeable stage presence of Bobby Ingram and Parker Lee, the frontman.
Parker's great voice reminded me a bit of the good old days with Danny Joe Brown.

Unfortunately the sound wasn't perfect that evening and was oJen too loud. The vocals and individual instruments didn't seem very differenNated. Since I still know Molly Hatchet from back in the day, I was missing two more - man, what duels the boys from back then had on stage! Still, Bobby did a good job on guitar, driven by Shawn Beamer on drums and Tim Lindsey on bass. John Galvin on keyboards made up for the two missing guitars as much as possible, he gave his big performance at Fall of the Peacemakers.

Indeed, the group not only played their biggest hits, but also two new encore songs: Comin' Home and Firing Line from
their new album! Conclusion, the evening was worth it. Molly Hatchet, with Losing Gravity and King Savage as the
opening act, delivered a very solid performance, a few decibels lower and it would have been the perfect evening!


TranslaNon : Y. Philippot-Degand

Whiskey Man
Bounty Hunter
Gator Country
It´s All Over Now
One Man´s Pleasure
Devil´s Canyon
BeaNn´ The Odds
Live ´Til I Die
Son Of The South
Fall Of The Peacemakers
Jukin´ City/Layla
Dreams I´ll Never See
Comin´ Home
Firing Line
FlirNn' With Disaster

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