WESTWARD: Take Off - LP 1977 Gnome Records Suisse

A short getaway to eastern Switzerland for the only 33 rpm vinyl album, released in 1977, by WESTWARD, a two-guitar sextet formed in 1974. This group traveled all over Switzerland in the seventies with a repertoire of covers borrowed from The Allman Brothers Band, to the Doobie Brothers, mixed with their own compositions, to then release their album "Take Off" comprising seven titles which smell of both Country Rock and Southern Rock like "Walking Down The Highway", the good built piece that opens the A side, with the Allman Bros fluid with mew of slide of the most beautiful effect. Then a cover with "Three Days" composed by Graham Goble of the Australian group Mississippi pre-Little River Band from their 1972 album, which Westward plays more shimmering thanks to the guitars of Pit Knaus and Roland Waespi, and embellished with superb vocal harmonies. If you want to listen, WESTWARD : Three Days . Then comes the title "Country Blues" guided by a piano to go on a boogie with a revolving of frenzied guitars like ZZ Top and Status Quo. Then comes the good swaying groove with always beautiful guitars on "I Can't Find My Way Home".

The B side begins with "Kriesestuel" composed by Westward pianist Peter Schweizer which has the particularity of being sung in Swiss German with a musical base close to the Marshall Tucker Band. Then comes the standard "Roadrunner" from Holland/Dozier, to finish with a pleasant country folk track "Love A Song For You".

In 1978, a two-track single "A Place In Town"/"Wish You Farewell" was also released. Apparently only guitarist Roland Waespi is still active in a Country Rock / Blues Rock group called Westband formed in 2011.

WESTBAND : Southbound/Allman Bros
Jacques Dersigny
Translation : Y. Philippot-Degand

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