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38 special discography

Point blank discography

The Outlaws discography

Southern rock in Germany

Bilan rock sudiste 2004

CMT Crossroads Lynyrd Skynyrd / Montgomery Gentry

Rossington Collins Band / Collins Band

Blackfoot discography

Freewheels 2001

Johnny Van Zant's discography

Molly Hatchet / Natchez (Lille Dec 10, 2001)

Stillwater : 30 years


Doc Holliday / Lizard Verviers, (Belgium Nov,10 2003)

Two Forgotten Bands; Allgood, Tangier

Savoy Truffle (Jerez,Spain Aug,29 2003)

Montereau Festival (July 12/13/14, 2003)

Henry Paul Band discography

Foghat discography

Atlanta Rhythm Section discography

New from Jeff Carlisi

Warren Hayes 15th Christma Jam

George Hatcher Band

Lynyrd Skynyrd After the crash

Rockin' champagne - Natchez festival (Juvigny,France nov 9, 2002)

ZZ TOP Paris,France oct 14, 2002

Southern Rock in Italy

Sweden Rock Festival (Solvesborg june 2002)

Lynyrd Skynyrd (Temecula, CA Aug 9th,2002)

ARS (Orlando, FL May 17, 2002)